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About the Project

The Olympic Riviera Novogorsk

The Olympic Riviera Novogorsk – unconditionally best business-class apartments in Moscow area.

The Olympic Riviera Novogorsk – the youngest project of Khimki Group development company. It is situated in the nearest place to Moscow (about 0 km from the city). This residential complex is the Russia's first Business class real estate of resort type.

The Olympic Riviera Novogorsk is located on the border with Moscow, in North-West side (Kurkinskoe or Mashkinskoe highway). Residential complex consists of three reinforced concrete houses (8 floors), which can remind you big transatlantic ships. Planning solutions are non-conventional: every section has only 4-5 apartments, the most of them contain 2 bathrooms and toilets, wardrobe, spacious halls and cozy balcony.

Density of construction is not high, in accordance with the requirements of business class – three houses contain only 271 apartments. For the safety of residents the conception “courtyard without cars” will be implemented. We provide underground parking places (282 for cars, 15 for motorcycles) and also guest parking. The territory is closed and guarded.

About the complex

It will be a vacation, without leaving the house.

The complex is on hills at the river which spreads in this place especially widely. Why do we call it a resort type?

First of all, our improvement and ecology. This place is called “Russian Switzerland”. Here we are in an environment of pine and coniferous pine forest. Our own embankment of 500 m, smooth descents to water, playgrounds for children of different age. The territory is adapted for jogs on fresh air, cyclings, campaigns on skis in winter time. And hills are an excellent place for occupations by a mountain bike.

Distinguishing feature of the project is own island of rest on which the beach with loungers, volleyball and playgrounds, and even the rental of boats and catamarans are located. Having passed through the bridge to the island, it is possible to practice yoga on a lawn, to play volleyball, or to hire the boat or a catamaran (here the river does wide flood).

If you are fond of fishing - absolutely near the closed territory of a housing estate there is the trout farm, one of the largest in Moscow area. Here will be open a school of sports fishing.

Set of options for comfortable and pleasant leisure for you and your children. All this on border with fires of Moscow, you won't feel isolation from a civilization and megalopolis infrastructure.

It is worth mentioning architecture of the project, the house don't concede to the best European samples of architectural masterpieces. In halls VIP-finishing, a glazing in apartments – mainly panoramic also will be executed.

Novogorsk lives in its own rhythm. Taste of its air won’t make you believe that it is all located less than 1 km from big city. In 2017 the road to the center of Moscow will take only 16 minutes because of the new high-speed train “Strela”.

We appreciate you for your interest in our company. You can always contact us by phone 8 (495) 215-11-55, where an English-speaking operator will answer you, or email us at cc@himkigroup.ru.